Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Language Arts Picture Books

I have been reviewing quite a few picture books over the last year and I am trying to find ways to organize them so I can easily make suggestions when I get questions about books that are good for...

So I have decided to add pages for the Language Arts and Math picture books I've found.

Compound Words:

If You Were a Compound Word (Word Fun)Review here


If You Were a Contraction (Word Fun)Review here

Homonym, Homophone, Homographs:

Dear Deer: A Book of Homophones Review here

The Dove Dove: Funny Homograph RiddlesReview here

If You Were a Homonym or a Homophone (Word Fun)Review here

Zoola Palooza: A Book of HomographsReview here


The King Who Rained Review here

The Sixteen Hand HorseReview here


If You Were a Palindrome (Word Fun)Review here

Too Hot to Hoot: Funny Palindrome RiddlesReview here


Under, Over, by the Clover: What Is a Preposition? (Words Are Categorical)Review here

Similes and Metaphors:

Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile StoryReview here

Skin Like Milk, Hair of Silk: What Are Similes and Metaphors? (Words Are Categorical)Review here

Stubborn as a Mule and Other Silly Similes (Ways to Say It)Review here

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  1. I am terrible these days when it comes to organization. I used to make excel sheets to catalog my books. When I got divorced in 2007 I couldnt bring all my books with me. So I kept the most important and donated 1000s to the nearby small town library.