Sunday, July 12, 2009

Explore Your City or Town's History This Summer

This summer make local history sites your classroom. They say people are often most ignorant about the history right in their own backyards. While we drag children to field trips on a yearly basis we miss so much of what our local areas have to offer that will never make it to the pages of a history book. Summer is a time to explore the delights of your local area. Don’t know much about your local history and where to start? This is a great time to find out. Check out your City or Town’s website. Writing some local content articles I came across a detailed web map my home town created for locals and tourists to explore the local historical sites. While your town may not have gone that far yet, many websites do list sites of interest. Check with your local library. Many libraries even often discounted or free tickets to local museums of interest to explore this summer. They are also good sources of sites that are free to explore in your area. Many content sites are hiring writers to write articles on areas of local interest. Open up Google or your favorite search engine and start plugging in key words regarding your local area and see what you can discover about places to see and visit. This is a way to take history off the dusty pages of a book and bring it to life for kids and yourself. You may be surprised what local gems are waiting for you to discover.

I have listed the link to my home town site. Perhaps this would be a fun project to start for a home schooling or scouts group in your area. It is great for students and tourists in the area.

Sudbury MA Trail

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