Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Olympic Teaching Resources

The Olympics are an exciting time for kids. Many are interested in specific sports or sports athletes. It can be a great time for teachers to use sports themes in reading, research, math, science, and social studies themes.

I will adding resources as I locate them:

History of the Games:

International Olympic Site

Scholastic Publishers Cyber Hunt

Language Arts:

Alphabetical Order

Acrostic Poem

Crossword Puzzle

Enchanted Learning Books

Enchanted Learning Quiz

Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks


Distance to Travel

Reading Comprehension:

abcteach Rings Questions

Squaw Valley Story and Questions


Sports Science

Sports Information:

Official Site

Pocantico Hills School

abc teach Resources

Enchanted Learning

Kids Turn Central Sports Trivia

Crafts Sites:

Coloring Sheets

Free Kids Crafts


Kids Turn Central Coloring Sheets Bears



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