Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Links For Letter People Videos

PBS created a puppet series of the Letter People. Some of these have found there way to DVD's that people are offering for sale. Unfortunalty I have not found official new releases of the original music or the videos for sale, although many are offering copies. You can buy the current curriculum and CD's from Abrams Learning Trends. The PBS videos are available for now on YouTube. I am listing the YouTube links I found for those interested in seeing the series, reliving a childhood memory or considering using the series with children.

Miss A Mr. B Mr.C Mr.D Miss E Mr.F Mr.G Mr.H Miss I Mr.J
Mr.K Mr.L Mr.M Mr.N Miss O Mr.P Mr.Q Mr.R Mr.S Mr.T
Miss U Mr.V Mr.W Mr.X Mr.Y Mr.Z

All About Letter People Land

Collection of Letter People Clips

If you do a further search on You Tube you can find additional episodes of the Letter People PBS show that combine the characters. Many of these are mentioned in the All About the Letter People Land Link which is why I included it.

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