Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to School

This blog has a readership of public, private, and home schooling members. Most articles and links apply across the board, some more to specific groups.

Back to school is a term most strictly applied to those returning to school, but many home schoolers are also returning to a fall schedule, looking at curriculum, and school supplies for a new year. The suggestions in this article may or may not prove useful.

For those returning to a school schedule this may be a good time to think about reviewing and previewing prior to a new school year. Summer is always a good time to find activities that fit a child’s learning style. There are links for all curriculum areas on this blog. If your child struggled with a subject last year, this can be a great time to find an alternate approach to learning it. This can also be a great time to preview any challenges you might be headed for next year. Some districts post curriculum online, I will also list Ohio and MA frameworks links to give you some general ideas of what may be covered at specific grade levels. It can give you a starting point.

Consider making some file folder games to help get back into the spirit of learning:
File Folder Activities

Tips for saving money on school supplies:
Shop Wisely for School Supplies

How to get started on a schedule again:
Start a Back to School Schedule

Resources for the New School Year
Resources to Improve the School Year

Start the School Year with the Right Approach Improving Communication


Ohio Frameworks

Massachusetts Frameworks

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