Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Social Studies Sites

Cyberslueth Links for Explorer


Social Studies for Kids

United States Colonial History

Children's Games in Colonial America

Children's Games Great Colonial Gamebook

Children's Games Listed

Children's Games Rules

Colonial Kids

Colonial Williamsburg Kids Sites

New England Primer

Virtual Jamestown

Pilgrim Sites:
American Revolution Sites

Account of the Declaration

Boston Tea Pary

Free Boston Tea Party Activities From Tea Party Museum

Lexington and Concord

Liberty's Kids

Map of the Battles of Lexington and Concord

Massachusetts Historical Society Student Resources

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Newspaper Chronicles of the Revolution From PBS

Patrick Henry's Speech

Signers of the Declaration issued by the National Park Service

Road to Revolution Game From PBS

Virtual Marching Tour

Worksheets and Puzzles

Life in the 19th Century:

Sturbridge Village 1830's Living History Virtual Tour


AAA Geography

Apples4theteacher Geography

Connecticut Official Kids Site with Games

Countries and Capital Cities Country Toad

Fifty Nifty United States Video Free Version

Fifty State Flash Cards

Fifty State Resources

Fifty State Test

Following Directions TLS

Game Aquarium

Geonet Game

Kids Geo

Letter People Geography

Geography Songs

National Atlas: Large Resource Printable Versions Variety of US Maps

National Geographic Map Games

States and Capitals Penguin Hop

USA Games

United States Geography


Articles of Confederation

Ben's Guide To Government

Bill Becomes a Law Worksheet

Constitution Crossword TLS

Electoral College Interactive Map

Kid's Guide to Government

Library of Congress Article To Form a More Perfect Union

Primary Source Constitution Library of Congress Sources for Kids

Ancient Civilizations

The Origin of Writing


Discover Egypt

Mr. Don's Ancient Egypt for Kids

Mr. Don's Ancient Egypt Math


Pharaoh's Obelisk PBS Nova Resource


Odyssey Greece


Make Cuneiform Tablets

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