Friday, April 29, 2011

AAA Attraction Discounts

I used to make the mistake of thinking of AAA as the people I contacted when the car broke down and I needed help or the place to go before I went on vacation. I often forget to check them out for local stuff and that costs me money. Since I am already a member, using my membership to get additional discounts costs me nothing, but the time to check.

I was reminded of this recently when planning a weekend museum trip. The website kindly listed the discounts they offered. AAA was one of them. As I wrote about in a previous blog, the library pass program was a better deal. However, you cannot always count on getting a pass when you want one. The AAA discount is not limited to a specific number of residents per day.

This inspired me to research what other discounts were available in my area. AAA will provide you with a link to your local branch. At our AAA I discovered discounts to places we are planning to visit this summer as well as a place I was not aware of that is now on my must visit list. The EcoTarium in Worcester provides indoor and outdoor science explorations for students and families. For an additional cost, they have a canopy walk, train ride, and Planetarium. Doing further research I discovered our library does have a better pass, but it will not cover the number of people who want to attend, if we can even secure it for the day we want it. Since most of our family members have AAA, we can reduce the cost for all who travel with us, based on the AAA offer available at this site.

I am going to be talking about some other ways to reduce your costs while visiting local attractions this summer. There are many ways to avoid paying full price. Evaluating your options will help you generate the best cost savings.


  1. We get AAA through M's dad and step mom. So far the only thing we have used it for is hotel room discounts and 1 towing. We need to get better to ask about discounts.

  2. Check your online branch. I gave the link for mine, but you can find your local branch through the national AAA. They list many of the discount attractions and offers you can get using your AAA card.

  3. Checking for discounts is something I have been trying to make into a habit recently. There are a few places that I am a member of that offer discounts, but I tend to forget until it's too late. I'll get there. Like any habit, repetition is required to make it second nature.

  4. I don't have AAA but I do get wonderful discounts for attractions in our local area each year through my credit union and my husband's job.

  5. I used to get AAA but now that I don't drive it's not worth it. I wish they had something similar so that we could get this type of discount though.