Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snap Cubes as Toys

When I taught fourth graders, we used snap cubes to teach a variety of math functions. Addition, multiplication, division, geometry, and other functions were explored using the cubes. However, one of the things the children enjoyed was making toys from the blocks. Unlike Legos which have limited connections, snap cubes connect on all sides. This provides children with a variety of building options. One of the classroom jobs used to be to make sure the math manipulatives were returned to their original purposes after indoor recesses, as these were favorite toys.

Fisher Price has introduced new toys that use similar styled building designs. The Fisher Price Trio's are similar to the Lego and Duplo toys that many parents are familiar with seeing in the stores. One of the advantages for children is that snap cubes stay together. They do not separate as quickly as the Legos and Duplos do when picked up by a child. The product line is just beginning to grow, but I have purchased a few items for family members and the reviews have been good.

I am considering buying a selection of snap cubes for free building, like many people purchase boxes of Lego's and Duplos. I am also looking at the available Trio sets to see which ones would be best for my Christmas boxes.

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  1. I had never heard of Trios before. Thanks for the introduction.