Monday, April 11, 2011

The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 5) finishes the Percy Jackson story arc. Riordan plants the seeds for a sequel to a new series The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero.

The Last Olympian starts slowly and Riordan has a great deal of information to share with the audience in a limited amount of time. Unlike many finales, Riordan provides a satisfying conclusion to the mysteries he established in the previous volumes. Luke's outcome was predictable, but satisfying. Nico and Luke's background stories have some common threads that are revealed and explained as the story unfolds. Hades and Hermes’ relationships with their sons become a very important part of the story.

Percy's human friend has an interesting destiny that becomes more predictable as we learn more of Luke's past.

Less is explored about Percy's background in this novel, but his relationships with his human and God families grow stronger. His stepfather comes to accept his half-blood son and Poseidon responds to his son's advice on fighting the Titans.

Percy's final wish is a culmination of the experiences of the half bloods he has known through the series. Zeus is not crazy about the request, but grants it.

This was a satisfying end to the series.

The first time I read this series in print form. I have really enjoyed Jesse Bernstein's audio version. While he read the complete Percy Jackson series, he is not the reader for the next book and he is missed.


  1. I've heard this is a good series. Perhaps some day my son will be interested and try it out. Thanks ;-)

  2. I have these books in ebook form, I have yet to take the time to read them. Maybe I should, they seem pretty good. Isn't there a movie? I feel so far behind. LOL

  3. They made the first into a movie. I borrowed it from the library and it wasn't too bad. I liked the books better.

  4. this book completely BLEW ME AWAY!!! It has everything: romance, action, suspense. I love how Percy and Annabeth fall in love at the end. You can really tell that the characters have matured a lot and it makes me want to start at the beginning all over again. So basically I LOVED the book and I think it was the best book in the series BY FAR!!! I am really going to miss this series a lot!!!!!!!

  5. The Heroes of Olympus Series picks up the seeds of Percy and Annabeth's story while introducing new characters and plots.