Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prince Cinders

Prince Cindersis a cute, but predictable retelling of the Cinderella story with a gender switch. Cinderella is switched with Prince Cinders who has three hairy bullying older brothers.

The main twist to this story is Prince Cinder's fairy godmother is not as qualified as most are in the other Cinder tales. Instead of turning the awkward prince into a handsome young date for the rich young princess, she tries a variety of spells to get him ready for a big night at the disco. Finally, she does grant the Prince's deepest desire to be big and hairy like his brothers, but not in a way, the Prince had expected. However, the Prince and the fairy are not too concerned because the unexpected spells should wear off at midnight.

In this version, the Prince loses not a shoe, but his pants. The story follows the traditional tale and the Princess tries to find her true love that can fit the pants.

This was not my favorite of the alternate Cinderella tales, but it was a cute read.

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