Monday, February 18, 2013

Crazy Like a Fox a Simile Story

I am always looking for creative picture books that teach important English concepts and with Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story Loreen Leedy has found a delightful way to accomplish the task.

The author begins with a wonderful introduction that explains what similes are and even explains how the overuse of them results in clich├ęs. I thought her explanation was better than some I have seen in children's language texts.

The illustrations are cute, but for an introductory book, I would have stuck with more traditional similes that children would know and be familiar with than creating newer ones. However, it is a good introduction to the topic and would generate enough interest that a parent or teacher could build on this to generate a list of other similes that children could illustrate for their own book.

This book could be used with young children as an introduction to the topic or with older children as a support for a lesson on the subject. I think it is great to get an early start with introducing English concepts to children. I also think it is equally important to provide supports to older elementary students as they are learning these topics. A picture book can enhance a language lesson and provide a fun and meaningful way for learners to connect to a topic that can be dry and hard to connect to for some students. It is also a way to modify a lesson for students with learning challenges. While an English text might not reach a student, a funny story may make this concept easier to understand.

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