Thursday, September 24, 2009

Make Play Dough Recipes and Activities

Play Dough is a fun activity for children. However, it is also a great educational activity. Play dough helps develop fine motor skills through use and play. It is used in a variety of activities across the curriculum. Teachers and parents have been making Play Dough for years to save money and accommodate special circumstances. This blog is a result of a desire to collect options for making Play Dough.


Amazing Mom's Recipes

Chocolate Play Dough

Cornstarch Clay

Earth Friendly Play Dough Teacher Net

Edible Play Dough with Other Varities Moms Who Think

Edible Play Dough Recipezaar

Exciting Scout Craft

Gingerbread Play Dough

Gluten Free

Kids Activities 40 Play Dough Recipes

Kool Aid Play Dough

Make Play Dough

Mister Roger's Play Dough Teacher Net

Montgomery Schools

Nature Moms

No Cook Play Dough Teacher Net

Oatmeal, Peatnutbutter and Other Varities From Family Education

Pumpkin Pie Play Dough

Skip to My Lou

Traditional Play Dough TeacherNet


Hasbro Fresh Ideas

Hasbro Teacher Play Doh Lesson Plans

Play Dough Letters

Play Dough Printing

Playing with Play Dough

Silky Steps Play Dough Activities

Teaching with Play Dough

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