Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School Letter to the Teacher

If you have received a request from your child's teacher to write a personal letter introducing your child, take the invitation seriously.

Include a positive introduction to your child.

Take the chance to discuss any academic, learning disabilities, or health related issues you wish the teacher to be aware of in the coming year. Let the teacher know of any issues that you think will be relevant to the child's performance in school.

Stay focused on this year and try to move beyond and bad feelings that might have come from previous school years. Focus on creating the best year possible.

If you are looking for new challenges for your child mention this in the letter. This can be a good time to put these issues before the teacher. However, make sure you frame it as a positive, not a negative or an attack against another teacher.

Identify what has worked for your child. As a parent, you have had the most experience with your child. What behavioral strategies, learning strategies, memory techniques, and other educational techniques have worked for your child? This is important information for the teacher to know. Make sure you record this in the letter.

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