Monday, August 10, 2009

Need Help Finding Resources?

At the present time I have no plans to evaluate specific home school programs. There are many websites and blogs far more qualified to handle that task than I. From time I will discuss specific curriculum materials and you will see advertisement for products. However, if you have specific questions or interests in curriculum materials or strategies that you can not find answers to please feel free to leave a comment in the curriculum section you are searching or on this blog entry and I will do my best to help you find answers.

I make the same offer to teachers and parents who do not home school. If you do not find the materials you are searching for please leave me a note in the comment section describing what you are looking to find. I make no promises but I will do my best to help.

In conjunction with my other writing projects I am continuing to find new resources and material for articles. You will see this in updated links on the curriculum pages and new articles that appear. It is always helpful to know what people want and need as well.


  1. Hello from ehow. I am following your blog now. God luck.

  2. Did you know that people in California (and possibly other states) can get free homeschooling curriculum, materials and even a computer from It does depend on the county you live in, but it's worth checking out. The public school system pays for it. I will be using them for my son's homeschooling this year (he's in 7th grade).

  3. There are a few states that offer free resources through online charter school programs. From what I have read of parent's comments about them they are quite popular with those that enroll. They provide the freedom of school at home with some assistance with curriculum and supplies. It does tie one to the public school curriculum but for some that is not an issue.