Friday, September 25, 2009

Make Silly Putty

Once I started on the Play Dough blog, the Silly Putty one just seemed to put itself together. Many parents and teachers have fond memories of commercial Silly Putty and it is still a regular commercially purchased item for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter for those looking for small simple gifts. Teachers and parents looking for a fun science activity can find both in making their own silly putty. There are recipes and activities listed below.


Gomplipitas Homeschooling Recipes

Make Play Dough Silly Putty Recipe

Scouting Web

Steve Spangler's Science

UNM Chem Outreach

Silly Putty Activities: Silly Putty Activities

Polymer Fun

Science House

Silly Putty Official Site with Science and other Experiments

Silly Uses for Silly Putty

Picture Credits: banna123456 vampire_hanna

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