Wednesday, July 22, 2009

File Folder Games and Activities

Parents and educators are looking for easy inexpensive ways to promote alternate learning styles. Independent learning is another value and frankly required element of learning. Neither parent nor teacher can be with a child at all times assisting and monitoring. Activities that provide solid educational learning and independent structure are valuable for child and teacher. Computers do provide many with these activities but there still are some old but good strategies out there that work.
As I was researching links for the blog the other day, I came across links for file folder games and activities which I added to the blog under Early Childhood and Math sites. I thought this would be an ideal candidate for article for a content site I write for as well as a chance to encourage people to try the strategy. It really isn’t complicated to do. File folders are cheap methods to make game boards and independent learning activities. You can create your own resources or use the pre-made options advertised here.

Want to find the file folder links on this site?

Early Childhood File Folder Links

Math File Folders

Fall File Folder Links

Halloween File Folder Links

Thanksgiving File Folder Games

Christmas, Hanukkah,and Winter Games

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