Monday, June 25, 2018

Canobie Lake AAA Discount 2018

This always seems to be one of my favorite postings, but until recently I couldn't find updated information on the discount. It magically appeared in my email and I thought I'd share the information. The AAA $6 discounted tickets still do exist and you can purchase them here if you are a member. These are only ADULT tickets. I found no offers for AAA children's discounted tickets. As I've mentioned in the past this discount is only good if you purchase your tickets in advance, it is not a show your card at the entrance discount as some are with AAA.

The current prices listed online at Canobie Lake's website are $39 for adults under the age of 60 and $29 for children who are less than 48" tall and adults 60 and over. Clearly if you are over 60 the senior regular price is better than the discounted AAA price. Something to keep in mind if you are bringing extended family or if they are the ones taking the kids to the park. Children under the age of 3 are free. So with the AAA discount adult tickets are $33 each. You have the option of ordering your children's tickets through AAA or buying online through Canobie lake or at the gate.

For those of you who aren't AAA members Canobie Lake does offer a page with the discounts and specials currently being offered here.

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