Monday, September 7, 2009

Children Make Christmas Gifts

Parents and children like to participate in gift giving each year. It seems strange to post a blog in September about gift giving, but it takes time to plan and make gifts. Therefore, I decided I would research options and post a blog now so families would have time to make lists of recipients, decide on gifts that would be appropriate, gather the materials to make the gifts, and have the time to make them. Read more...


Activity Village

Activity Village Christmas Cards Print and Color



Amazing Moms



Family Fun


Make a Calendar

Making Friends

Picture Credits: bethography - melting mama

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  1. Love your Blogs.. I liked the article on writing thank you notes. This one for Christmas gifts is awesome too. September is not to soon. In October November there are charity drives to send gifts to needy children in other parts of the world. It takes time to make things!