Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Common Core Standards

As part of Race to the Top, the federal government has been pushing states to agree to a core set of standards that all states would be in compliance with and be held accountable to by the federal government.

Standards are a fine thing, but state governments can and should be in control of their own educational systems. Massachusetts has set high standards and should have the right to adjust and change its standards as it chooses, regardless of how this suits the rest of the country.

This is hailed as a state based initiative because the states' Governors approved of the standards, not the Congress or a federal panel imposing this on Massachusetts and the rest of the states. However, there are consequences when Massachusetts says no. The federal government stops sending us our own money back. Yes, contrary to popular belief federal funding is our own taxpayer money. It does not belong to a gracious and benevolent Congress to be given to us when we behave as requested and denied when we disagree.

Massachusetts taxpayers should stand firm against Common Core standards and support local control of education.

The Common Core Standards can be found here.

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