Monday, April 10, 2017

AAA Discounts for Legoland Discovery Center Boston

As I was pricing a family outing to Legoland Discovery Center in Sommerville I began to look for discounts to reduce the cost. I had only casually looked before at AAA and hadn't noticed any discounts available, but since our outing was just a someday, I wasn't giving it a serious look. However, once a set date was in place I searched in earnest to find the most affordable option for our day.

You may see two offers for Legoland Discovery center on the AAA website, however, only the one I'm linking works for Boston. The other is for Westchester. The AAA discount is located here. The discount says you can use it with your card to purchase a walk up ticket for a flat rate of $15.95 per person at the door or online in advance. Legoland is a not a huge attraction and it books 15 minute entrance times to keep crowds moving through the first floor exhibits, sending people to the more open second floor where you can spend as long as you wish. If you have a specific date and time in mind and you want to make sure you have a slot, buying e-tickets through triple AAA in advance is a good option. I understand during vacations and some weekends slots can fill quickly.

Don't be confused by the starting at prices on their website. Why would I pay $15.95 when the website says tickets are $14.95? Well if you do what I did and open up two windows, one with AAA and one with Legoland, you quickly realize they are serious about the starting at price. The $15.95 turned out to be a significant price savings over buying my e-tickets directly through Legoland. Don't trust me try the experiment for yourself. If you are a AAA member, open two windows one with Legoland and one with AAA and compare the costs.

We had a great trip and the cost savings will go to other outings.