Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Encourage Reading over the Holidays

As we approach Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas families wonder how to encourage reading.

For younger readers use printable early reader books. There are many online holiday and non-holiday topics that parents can print and give children to encourage reading. Coloring involved with these stories encourages fine motor development. Books with cut and paste activities only further develops those skills.
Enchanted Learning Activities Fees Involved

TLS Books

Check back later in September and October for specific links to free holiday books and resources for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to print.

Halloween Resources

Look for online books to listen or interact with for students. Also consider adding poetry and rhymes.

Early Childhood Links

Check the library for free resources for audio and print materials.

Consider gifts of reading materials for Christmas this year. Children's Magazine's make great gifts as they provide regular acess to new literacy options on a regular basis.

Many discount teaching stores allow the public to buy discounted products. Check the sites for sales. Many reading materials can be purchased at discounted rates.

Place to find educational materials and magazine links

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