Friday, August 28, 2009

Clothespins Craft and Learning Experience

The old fashioned clothespins, those without springs, have long been utilized for doll making. With the head, body and legs provided, children and adults merely had to provide arms, and clothing to have a toy ready to play. Modern crafters have created even more amazing dolls but children are still making the basic dolls to enjoy. These dolls become the characters of stories, move in to child created doll homes, and head off on child created adventures of all kinds.

Doll materials are easy enough to acquire. Craft stores, dollar stores, and even some department stores carry the old fashioned clothespins. The basic decorative aspects can come from many scraps and materials already found in the house. For those who want to purchase supplies and create more specific dolls the materials are readily available. I have included links and will be adding more as I find them on creative ways to make the dolls and to utilize them in fun play and learning situations.

About.Com Making Clothespin Dolls

Baby Clothespin Doll

Clothespin Bed

Clothespin Puppets

Cowboys and Other Professionals

Essortment Clothespin Dolls

Going Sew Crazy Clothespin Dolls

Halloween Clothespin Dolls

Instructables Clothespin Dolls

Kid's Birthday Party Clothespin Dolls

Kokeshi Doll

Pilgrim Clothespin Directions


This Little Project

Raggedy Ann Clothespin Doll Directions

Toy Soldier AllFree Crafts

Toy Soldier

Picture Credits: purejuice2 Eric Kilby

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