Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Teach Children Sequence Skills

Sequencing skills are important across the curriculum. The ability to organize data in order is important not only in reading but critical for math, science and social studies as well. Teaching children this skill in fun, age appropriate manners early on helps children not to see this as a “new” skill but like many other skills just one that gets more complicated as they continue to mature.

There are packaged programs to introduce sequencing skills but photographs are a simple way to start with sequencing activities. Take pictures of simple activities, laminate them, and then use them as a fun activity with your child. Try to have them figure out what order things should happen in. Choose natural activities that your child is familiar with and those you are trying to teach like shoe tying.

This can also be a fun way to introduce young scientists to observation. When growing plants or doing other fun science activities take pictures of the activities. Show the seed the day it was planted, the day it emerges and so forth. Now you have your own plant cycle sequence cards to have your young scientist practice with which makes the process even more connected to the learner. The same can be done during any other science experiment. After the experiment is done, the pictures can serve as a great review lesson on what happened during the experiment.

Comics can also be a fun way to work on sequencing. Comic strips generally have a clear progression and kids can have fun putting together the strips in order to tell the story. Again laminating or contact paper makes these activities work better.

For those looking for commercial products there are plenty available. I have some listed below. There are plenty of other products available.

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