Monday, August 8, 2016

Werewolves and States of Matter

Werewolves and States of Matteris another entry in the Monster Science series. This is the first by Janet Slingerland I've read.

This one is closer to Zombies and Forces and Motion (Monster Science) that I reviewed earlier. The author begins by using werewolf examples to define matter and moves on to states of matter.

The author manages to keep the werewolf examples through about half the book and then reverts to using other examples with werewolf pictures to keep the reader engaged. The language is age appropriate and the examples are effective in illustrating the concepts the author is attempting to explain. My favorite is using a cake to explain reversible vs. irreversible changes. The cake once baked cannot be returned to it's original ingredients. I thought that was a great visual and something that kids would remember.

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