Monday, August 1, 2016

Zombies and Electricity

Zombies and Electricity is another addition to the Monster Science series.

This was not quite as strong as the Zombies and Forces and Motion (Monster Science)which made stronger ties between the comedy and the science.

This book still works to put the scientific concepts of electricity into age appropriate language, but it doesn't use the zombies to illustrate the concepts in the same creative way the first book achieved. In the force and concepts books the author managed to describe the science concepts using zombies to illustrate each idea. Unfortunately, in this book the zombies are used more as background comedy to keep the kids looking at the pictures and hoping they'll also engage with the information. The book fails to blend the zombie theme with the electricity topic. It is much more heavily focused on scientific language boxes rather than engaging students by telling a story of zombies exploring electricity and embedding the language in that story. The zombies become more of an after thought, not a main part of the story.

The topic was harder than forces and motions to combine with the zombies, but there were places where direct connections between the zombies and the ideas being illustrated could have been made and were missed. I still think it is a worthy book for bringing important concepts into age appropriate terms. However, I was disappointed that the zombies were not as embedded in this graphic picture book as they were in the previous one.

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