Monday, September 28, 2009

Puppet Resources

Children enjoy making and using puppets. They can be a fun free play activity or a planned activity to engage children across the curriculum. Children can learn valuable skills making and using puppets.

Making Puppet Resources:

Under 5's Dinosaur Puppet

Finger Puppets:


BillyBear4Kids Finger Puppet Stage

Enchanted Learning Patterns

Free Kids Crafts Puppy Puppets

Jan Brett Finger Puppets

Jan Brett Country Mouse City Mouse Puppets

Toy Story

Winnie the Pooh

Hand Puppets:

Animal Puppets

Kaboose Felt Puppets

Zoom Hand Pupppets


Paper Cup Marionettes

Multiple Puppets:

Artists Helping Children

Crayola Puppet Patterns

Enchanted Learning Puppets and Marionettes

Family Fun Multiple Styles of Puppets

Kids Corner

Legends and Lore

Making Friends

Paper Bag Puppets:

abc teach Paper Bag Puppets

abc teach Bear Paper Bag Pattern

abc teach Lion Paper Bag Puppet Pattern

abc teach Owl Paper Bag Puppet Pattern

abc teach Panda Bag Puppet Pattern

abc teach Pig Bag Puppet Pattern

First Schools Paper Bag Puppets

Sock Puppets:

Danielle's Place

Directions for Sock Puppets

Family Fun Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets

Stick Puppets:

AOK Corral

Babyzone Stick Puppets

Crayola Dragon Stick Puppet

Dragon Stick Puppet


Legend and Lore

Puppet Play Scripts

Picture Credits: Alanna George

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