Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PBS Member Discounts

While some people take advantage of the privileges of membership, some are not aware that becoming a PBS member offers more than just a charitable donation. It also can provide discounts depending on how well your local station markets itself to donors.

Our area is served by three stations. The Boston Station WGBH is the largest and offers an extensive lists of discounts available to members through their Perks program here. The discounts include activities for adults and families as well as shopping.

New Hampshire has a smaller list, but should be checked for updates. Click on the Member Card Website for an updated list. Some of the museums and other attractions popular in this state are covered for members.

Rhode Island surprisingly has a list that is highly competitive with Boston's. In fact, there are many Massachusetts’ attractions on Rhode Island's discount list.

Like the AAA discounts, they are not always as good as the library passes, but if you or family member is a member of your local PBS station, you should be using these discounts. Review your options and take the best discounts you have available to you. It is not a reason to join, but if you have spent the money, get the best value for your money by using the discounts for trips or shopping you already plan on doing.

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