Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Crown Affair Nursery Rhyme Mystery

I was very excited to discover The Crown Affair (Nursery-Rhyme Mysteries) had been published as the sequel to What Really Happened to Humpty? (Nursery-Rhyme Mysteries) after 5 years. I think I've been spoiled in finding sequels published so quickly or at all that I have been too demanding that they should come faster or at all. However, this sequel was worth the wait.

The author draws upon the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill for the basis of this mystery. When Jack loses his crown the fate of the Gooseland Games is in jeopardy. Unless the crown is returned, a new winner can't be awarded the crown. Chief Goose is not moving fast enough for Jill, so she calls on Joe Dumpty to find the crown.

He interviews Jack at the hill and it appears that another Jack might have been involved in the crime, however, Joe isn't ruling anyone out, just yet. With help from Spider, Joe begins to track down evidence.

This is a great way to introduce, review, or just entertain children by keeping the characters of the nursery rhymes, but introducing them in new settings. First he visits Jack Sprat and his wife and learn more of their story. Jack B. Nimble sends Joe to Jack Hammer's House (of the House that Jack Built), but Joe Dumpty only finds the fairy tale character Goldie there. She sends him on to Little Jack Horner who needed a crown, but had his work done at the dentist. However, he hints Jack of Beanstalk fame might have been involved. Dumpty and Spider proceed to solve the case so the games can continue.

As a fan of the series I was pleased to see a tease at the end for Dumpty's next case. It appears the cow has jumped over the moon and not been seen since. I only hope it is less than 5 years before we see another Joe Dumpty book.

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