Thursday, June 9, 2016

Boston Tea Party

I love history picture books that can educate and entertain at various levels. Boston Tea Partysets the events of the Boston Tea Party to the Nursery Rhyme the House that Jack Built. As each event happens it is added on to the previous events listed, so the reader is reminded of everything that has led up to the events currently happening in the story.

To keep younger readers interested mice are added as commentators and entertainers. They provide additional information not provided in the rhyme and some additional entertainment through their running commentary through out the book.

Despite the nursery rhyme format, this book provides quite a bit of accurate historical information. While the mice are provided for entertainment, they also engage children in learning more about the causes and the effects of the Boston Tea Party. You wouldn't want this to be the only source of information you provide. While most of the information is accurate, there are some exaggerations and distortions like the purpose of the costumes and the fear of the sailors. However, this is really my only main complaint There is a good deal of other information generally left out of children's accounts that can be found here that make this a worthy read.

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