Monday, June 6, 2016

Fractions in Disguise

Fractions in Disguise: A Math Adventure (Charlesbridge Math Adventures) is a math picture book that uses humor and a bit of robbery to engage students in reviewing the concepts of greatest common factors, lowest common denominators, and reducing fractions.

The story begins with fraction collectors gathered for an auction of a 5/9 fraction. During the auction, the lights go out and as in any good mystery the object disappears leaving the need to seek it out. George Cornelius Factor, GCF starts out on the journey to recover the 5/9 and in the process demonstrates the how and why fractions are reduced by finding the greatest common factor.

I love books that attempt to use humor, art, and fun to teach math concepts. I think this one might be a better review or post introductory book. I'm not sure I'd start my lessons on GCF and LCD with this book as it explains around the topic rather than directly defining. I think once kids had been introduced to the topics this would be a great, fun reinforcement of those concepts.

It also could just be used as a picture book that introduces the idea in passing without being too concerned with how much a child absorbs. The choice is really in the hands of the parent or teacher. The last page in the book does give a more formal explanation of how to reduce fractions. I did think this book might inspire some fraction art projects.

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