Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bring Maps and the Alphabet Alive with Home Linens

Many blog entries and articles I write for other sites arrive from other research I do or questions or problems others bring to me. I started researching learning mats for a family member and then branched off to look for a different kind of learning mat that I remembered hearing about. Both mats were plastic and designed along the lines of a Twister game. The mats were of a plastic/vinyl style. I had seen different versions of the games put out by various manufacturers. One was based on learning numbers and the alphabet and the other US states. When I started my summer Christmas shopping, I began an Internet search for these products only to find that the ones I remembered had been pulled from the market do to issues with the plastic. I could find rugs with similar game styles but there were two drawbacks, the size and the cost. The rugs were not designed to pack and take with you. The rugs I found were good sized and of significant weight. The other factor was the cost. The rugs while a great addition to any child’s room or play area were not in my budget. So I got to thinking about alternate materials for creating these mats and another article was born.

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