Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Liberty's Kids

I had parents video tape this series for me when I was teaching. I recently found a second hand copy of a book to pass on to a family member that is home schooling. While emailing her I decided to see if they had a website. Sure enough they do and I added it to the social studies section under American Revolution for future reference. However I will list it here as well in case you arrived her looking for it.

Liberty's Kids

Some have contacted me because I have not be updating this site frequently. In fact I have always intended this to be more of a resource site than an active blog. I generally just add the new resources to their categories. This allows me to find them easily and to share them with others who are looking for free resources. However, I also realize it is important to add a new entry once in a while.

If anyone is looking for specific resources please feel free to leave a comment. I am always happy to help.

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