Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gimp Plastic Lacing Projects for Kids

Many of us remember Gimp or Plastic lacing projects from summer camp and craft projects done as children. Gimp is a great fine motor project for children. It also has a practical applications that can later be applied to teaching knots. I suprised more than a few people during my camping experiences with my ability to learn knot tying. I didn't have the heart to tell them it came from years of working with summer camp students tying and fixing gimp projects.


Barrel Stitch

Basic Stitches with Pictures and Explanations

Box Stitch

Box Stitch with Great Pictures

Butterfly Stitch Directions with Pictures

Diamond/Spiral Stitch

Finishing Stitches

Pictures of the Stitches

Scoubidou Stiches and Projects

Starter Stitches

Starting the Project on a Keychain


Boondoggle Projects

Gimp Barrette

Making Friends

Making Friends Lanyard First Aid Kits

Making Friends Key Ring

Spiral Keychain

Picture Credits: jc.westbrook flickr.com

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