Thursday, May 5, 2011

Charlie Card Discounts

This applies to those in the Massachusetts area that use the MBTA passes that are now called Charlie Cards. I know over the years there have been various promotions to encourage the use of the MBTA, but there is now a formal online free Charlie Card Discount Booklet that will tell you where to show your Charlie pass to get savings. Like the PBS card, the discounts range from shopping to attractions, and theater. You will want to compare your discounts to see which one provides the best options. Unlike some of the other discount options I have discussed, many of the Charlie Card discounts do not cover multiple users. Depending on the discount, it could be a way to add to the group savings or a great deal for one person wanting to save.

As I advice with all discount cards it is always best to call if you have any questions about what the discount covers or if it is still valid.

If you do not live in Massachusetts but have a transit pass in another state, check online to see if there are any similar programs.

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