Monday, May 9, 2011

Detectives in Togas

Detectives in Togas combines historical fiction with mystery to create a fun children's novel. I find historical fiction is a great way to supplement the study of history. When an author finds a way to combine another genre with historical fiction it just increases the ability to draw children in to reading it.

This is another republished older book. The original publication date was 1956. It is still in print and available for purchase.

Detectives in Togas is the story of Roman students and their teacher trying to solve the mystery of an attack on their teacher and graffiti that has appeared on a Roman Temple. One of their classmates is jailed for the crime because of actions that occurred during class.

As the mystery unfolds, the reader learns more about Roman society, government, and history. The book is more meaningful if students have some background and knowledge of Roman history, but it can be read as a mystery without too much additional research.

I will be looking for the sequel at the library. It appears the boys are in trouble again. One of their fathers is in danger of being assassinated.

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  1. Another interesting book find.