Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey is the 1942 Caldecott Medal winning picture book.

I originally heard this picture book when Captain Kangaroo introduced the story on his children's morning show. I thought it was a familiar classic, but I am finding that there are so many books that some books are lost in the shuffle.

This was a favorite of my Mom's because while she raised her children in the suburbs, Mom was born and lived in Boston prior to moving to the country. She would often get lost in the story as she remembered her own childhood experiences in the places the ducks visited. I find this book has been a great gift to send homesick friends and family who miss Boston.

The story follows a duck couple as they look for a place to make a nest in Boston. They tour Boston as they check out potential sites. When the ducklings are born, the story follows the ducklings’ adventures as they travel to the Public Gardens. The illustrations are beautiful and unusually done in brown instead of traditional black and white or colored options.

This is a classic story that has been shared by generations of children. If this book is not on your bookshelf or one you have checked out of your local library, it is well worth exploring.

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  1. This sounds like a fun read. Thanks for another great review.

  2. I am always looking for new books for my daughter's book collection. We read books so many times a day that I like to add variety. Thanks!