Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I was introduced to Skip-Bo at a summer retreat with some teaching colleagues. It was so addictive I had my husband stop on the way home from picking me up to get a set of cards so we could play. He was quickly a fan, too. I have since purchased Skip-Bo Junior to engage younger members of the family in playing the game.

The basic rules of the game are easy to teach and to follow for children who can count and have the patience to follow suit and wait for turns. For parents who are looking an alternative to Uno Skip-Bo is a good choice.

Card games are convenient to stuff in a bag when you need something to keep children and adults busy. We often take Skip-Bo or one of our other card games with us because they are easier to pack than a traditional board game and they keep not only us, but often the kids who are in are party amused during waits or weather delays. Unlike an expensive computer game, if lost the replacement cost is not nearly as painful. Most of these card games are not expensive and are great suggestions for family members looking for inexpensive gifts. I use them to add to Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, and for other fun occasions.

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  1. Taking a card game like this on a trip is a great idea. As you said, they are easier to transport and replace if lost. I haven't played Skip-Bo in what seems like forever!