Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians

Goldie Socks and the Three Libeariansis a cute retelling of a classic fairytale. In this version, the bears are a family of librarians who have a house made of books. While the bears are away Goldie Socks wanders in and with a library twist to the story, it follows the traditional tale.

Goldie Socks moves through the bears’ house trying out books, attempting to find ones that will be just right for her. This gives the author a chance to remind readers about the five finger rule. As Goldie leaves books on the floor it gives, parents, teachers, and librarians a chance to remind students how to treat books that they do not wish to check out of the library.

I thought the author came up with an original twist on an old tale. It provides some additional talking points not provided in the original tale that some may find appropriate for young children headed off to visit the library.

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