Monday, April 9, 2012

A Picture Book of Paul Revere

A Picture Book of Paul Revere (Picture Book Biographies)is part of series of biographies for younger readers. The picture book style is a great way to introduce the format of biographies to younger readers, while engaging them at an age appropriate level.

In his story of Paul Revere's life, Adler manages to include a detailed account of Revere's life. He introduces children to life in colonial America by discussing Revere's childhood, education, and his responsibilities that came to him when his father died when he was only nineteen. The author explains that while he was best known as a silversmith he was accomplished in several trades.

His personal life is discussed in an age appropriate manner. The author discusses the death of his first wife and the economic realities of supporting a large family. Revere's military service is addressed first as a young man during the French and Indian Wars and then his role in the American Revolution. While many books on Revere focus solely on his role at Lexington and Concord, this book gives young readers a better idea of the broad role Revere played in the Committees of Correspondence, providing the troops with supplies, and creating a monetary supply for the Colony of Massachusetts during the war.

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