Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Mothstorm: The Horror from Beyond Uranus Georgium Sidus! is the final book in the Larklight series.

Art, Myrtle, Mother, Father, Jack and friends have gathered at Larklight for the Christmas holidays. As any fan of the series or of science fiction or fantasy knows, these characters are not destined to have a simple holiday celebration. Just as Myrtle and Jack's romance is blooming of course our characters are called to action.

Mother must deal with another of her kind who has decided she wants to take over the solar system. Mother must make some challenging decisions to save her family and the universe.

Myrtle proves to be a surprising influence on a hostile race much to the surprise of her family.

For some reason science fiction is a neglected genre for children. Few books are written and read. This series should get more attention. The books are a great way to introduce children to science fiction. The series provides an opportunity to learn about the differences and similarities between the genres of science fiction and fantasy.

I bought the series to have around for a younger relative who will be visiting this summer. It helps having entertaining books on hand to keep young guests entertained during down times.

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