Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath is E.D. Baker's second book in the Frog Princess Series. I was able to obtain a copy of this book through our local library regional system.

Emma and Eadric have still not completely overcome their issue with the frog spell as they discover when Emma sneezes and they return to their frog status. Another sneeze returns them to human form, and they understand the enchantment is not over. Eventually, Emma determines that the ability to change is not always a bad thing.

Romance continues for Eadric and Emma as well as Grassina and Hayward, her otter enchanted fiancé. The author has done a good job presenting a strong feminine character in Emma. The author avoided a cliché happy ever after ending for Emma and Eadric. Emma is not ready for marriage. She has chosen to study magic while she matures. It is not that she does not love Eadric, she just wants the time to finish her education. I thought that was a great message.

What bothered me is the author does not seem to realize that you can make assertive female characters without making wimpy male characters. Many authors have managed to create young adult male and female characters that are strong and comfortable with their strengths and weaknesses existing in the same novel. Eadric could be a strong male role without diminishing Emma's independence and emerging confidence in her abilities.

Emma and Grassina learn of an curse that plagues their family. As Emma and Grassina work to return Hayward back to his human form, they realize the real treachery of Emma's grandmother.

I have Once Upon a Curse on reserve at the library. While I am not happy with Eadric's role, I have enjoyed watching the plot emerge. I will give it at least one more book to see if Eadric’s character improves.

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