Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Fairy Tale Detectives

The Fairy Tale Detectives is the first book in Michael Buckley's Sisters Grimm series. My library regional system had the first book available to borrow and review.

Daphne and Sabrina Grimm are no strangers to the foster care system. They have run away from more than one. They are very suspicious when a person claiming to be their grandmother comes forward to claim them and brings them to Ferryport Landing. Grandma Relda Grimm tells the children that they have an interesting family responsibility. They are the descendents of the Grimm brothers and there was more to their life than collecting and recording stories. Grandma Relda informs them that fairy tales are real.

Just as the girls are wrapping themselves around this idea Grandma is kidnapped by a giant and the girls must figure out how to rescue Grandma. They discover that all is not happy in the fairy tale world of Ferryport.

Without Grandma's advice, they must figure out who is responsible for bringing a giant to town. All is not as it seems and they discover there is a villain manipulating the situation in Ferryport.

As the children learn more about the problems in Ferryport Landing, they also find out more about their missing parents.
I love adapted fairy tale stories. This series is promising to be a fun and engaging one. My husband was laughing as he caught a portion of one of the audio CD’s I was listening to during my exercise session. It has great potential for a read aloud. The series has appeal for adults and children.

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