Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 Free Fun Fridays in Massachusetts

The Highland Group is sponsoring Free Fun Fridays this summer. The program provides free entrance each Friday to different musuems, zoos, theater and other attractions to residents and visitors in Massachusetts during the months of July and August. The first event was July 1 the last is August 26. You can check out the Free Fun Fridays Website for the schedule of attractions on each date.

I would also suggest checking with the attractions to find out if there are any additional costs for specific programs you may be interested in at the location. I know with other offers only admission is covered additional programs are generally at the cost of the person attending. With some venues all that is required is admission and you have full access to everything. With others, like the Musuem of Science there is plenty to see for the cost of admission, but more available at an additional cost. I have not read anything about specific events associalted with attendees of Free Fridays. Calling ahead can provide you with more information.

For those who plan on utilizing other pass or discount options, you may also want to be aware of these dates as you can expect there to be higher traffic on these dates. If you have other options, you may want to choose another date for your visit to find a less crowded venue.


  1. Massachusetts sounds like a fun place. I really would like to visit.

  2. I have inlaws in Massachusetts and we may be visiting in July or August. I'll have to bookmark that websites. Thanks for the info!