Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You Acton, Massachusetts

I posted about local July 4th events as a result of my research on what we wanted to do in addition to our tradition of attending the parade in Sudbury. We settled on going to the fireworks and concert in Acton on July 2nd. Acton was having an anniversary celebration and the crowds were large.

While many people often stop to complain about all the bad things that happen, I wanted to remember to say thank you. I cannot remember ever attending a more organized event. We received great directions from helpful people all along our path.

From experience, I know these events are challenging to plan. The organization of parking, busses, and people available to answer questions was a testament to hard work and planning.

We took a chance on attending an event I have not been to since my teen years. The Air Force Band did a wonderful job and the fireworks display was wonderful. As someone who is not crazy about the noise of the fireworks, I enjoyed the way the water absorbed some of the noise. One of guests was thrilled to see fireworks that are no longer used near her.

We had the chance to enjoy a wonderful night with family. Thank you Acton, you gave our family a wonderful evening.

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