Friday, April 15, 2011

Patriot's Day

Monday is Patriot's Day in Massachusetts. Contrary to the way the day is covered, this is not a state holiday because of the Boston Marathon and an early weekday Red Sox game. The Boston Marathon is run on a state holiday that commemorates the Revolutionary War Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Red Sox take advantage of the holiday to schedule a day game. Since many schools are out this week for school vacation, the significance of the holiday can be ignored unless you are one of those individuals that are woken up by musket fire.

The Minuteman National Park has a schedule of events for the weekend. If you live in the area or will be visiting check out their website for information. I was pleased to notice that Sudbury has kept the tradition of marching on the historical date April 19 and not the holiday, Monday. It appears the park has finally accepted the tradition as I noticed their arrival listed as an event on the calendar.

If you are looking for resources to learn more about the Battles of Lexington and Concord the following may be useful:

Acton Minutemen

Danvers Alarm List

Menotomy Minutemen

Minuteman National Park

Sudbury Minutemen


  1. I'd love to take the family to Massachusetts for a family field trip one day. So, much history.

  2. There are some great inexpensive places to visit.

  3. That is neat! I would enjoy that one.

  4. Great minds, Bailey, or at least local ones. : ) I just scheduled a Book Sharing Monday post with some poetry books for Patriots' day.

  5. I am looking forward to reading your list. We were in NH Saturday trying to explain Patriots Day to some people who work in Lexington and they did not seem to understand.