Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sixteen Hand Horse

As I mentioned in my previous post about The King Who Rained I put a request into the library to borrow the The Sixteen Hand Horse. It arrived in time to share it with a younger relative on Easter. While she is no longer of age for picture books, this book had some of the most challenging expressions of the series.

There were a couple of phrases I had to check on. "Daddy says he caught a fish on a spoon" proved my context skills are still working. A spoon is a fishing lure, which was my guess. A family member who knew about fish eggs cleared up the fish row or roe. Several other expressions had to be explained to the student, but those were the only two that left me frustrated that the computer had been locked away for Easter.

If you have not tried these books before, I suggest you seek them out. This one provided some quality entertainment on Easter. It was a great chance to discuss expressions, idioms, and to admit that sometimes we all need to review the meanings when context clues are not enough to help us through the unfamiliar phrase.

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