Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Deer A Book of Homophones

I love finding books that teach as well as entertain children. Finding books fun books that engage children in learning about English is a great way to increase understanding of skills that can be dry and dull. My first experience with a book like this was The King Who Rained and it took me years to find a copy of it when I was teaching as it had gone out of print. People looked at me very oddly when I tried to purchase a copy. Thankfully, I was able to borrow library copies to use with my class. It has since been reprinted and is available to buy.

Like the King Who Rained, Dear Deer: A Book of Homophones
uses the humor of illustrations to demonstrate the ideas of homophones. The title of the book comes from a letter written by Aunt Ant to Dear Deer about her adventures of living at a zoo. The book continues with the aunt describing all the wonders she encounters at the zoo. Each page has a pair of homophones paired up. The homophones are in capital letters and bolded to make them easy to identify. The children can then use the illustrations to help them identify the homophones utilized on that page.

While this is a picture book, I would also recommend it for older elementary students who are studying or reviewing homophones. It is a fun way to see the concept illustrated. One activity I loved when I was teaching was to make our own class book and share it with younger students. It was a great way to share learning across the grade levels.

As for my copy of the book, it is headed to one of my family members who homeschools. While it is going to a K aged student, I suspect the older elementary student will also get some value from the fun review of homophones.

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