Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If You Were a Contraction

If You Were a Contraction (Word Fun)is another book by Trisha Shaskan in the Word Fun series.

This is another wonderful fun low pressure way to introduce children to the basics of the English language. The pictures are fun and the language skills low pressure. The author introduces the apostrophe and then demonstrates how words are blended into contractions and provides an area that specifically shows these words as separate words and then the equivalent contractions.

This would be a engaging way to introduce young children to the concept of contractions. It is also a way to go back and work with children who might be struggling with a more textbook lesson version of teaching contractions. It is non-threatening and provides accurate information in a fun format.

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  1. I was going to ask you - lil m is having trouble focusing, which is due to environmental factors. Her father, Big M is concerned she is dyslexic, which no one else is. She just rushes and is so eager to show us how well she can read! The teacher is not concerned, so I don't think I should be right now, but I would like to try and help her. I am interested in finding some books for her to read that might help her slow down and concentrate a little better. Any suggestions?