Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Science Court Troll Book Series

Science Court appeared for one season on ABC as a cartoon series that taught kids about science through funny courtroom dramas. Tom Snyder developed a classroom curriculum that is multimedia based on the same series.

I am trying to locate the Troll Book series not the Tom Snyder series for a homeschooling family member. I recently ran across a list created by a teacher for another out of print series that I was trying to purchase which has made finding those books easier so I thought I would share my findings so others could add their knowledge or benefit from what I've learned.

If you have any knowledge of how many books Troll published in the series, any of the names of the books I am missing, I am asking you to post them in the comments section so I can finish finding them for my family member. I will add the information to the list to help anyone else who may be looking for the material, too. I am not looking for information about the Tom Snyder multimedia materials as those are designed more for classroom use. However, as I come across any resources I will add them for others.

If I find the online video links for the series I will add those to this post, too.

The series is called Science Court to Serve and Observe
The series is numbered
Publisher: Troll Books

The Case of the Dear Departed Chicken Bone Book 1
Author: Craig Strasshofer Published: 1998

The Case of the Tilting Planet Book 2
Author: Craig Strasshofer Published: 1998

The Case of the Lean Mean Dirt Machine Book 3
Author: Craig Strasshofer Published: 1998

The Case of the Incredible Expanding Molecules Book 4
Author: Thomas H. Hatch Published: 1998

The Case of the Late Great Kaboom! Book 5
Author:Craig Strasshofer Published: 1998

The Case of the Big Drip Book 6
Author:Craig Strasshofer Published: 1998

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