Monday, June 4, 2012

If You Were a Palindrome

If You Were a Palindrome (Word Fun)is another addition to the Word Fun series. This book defines Palindromes as words, phrases, and sentences that read the same forward and backwards. The book gives children wonderful examples and in the back, it gives a list of the words, sentences, and phrases it used.

I did actually find myself using the references provided in the back to explain an example. I really had never thought of a palindrome used in the manner of that example. This is a great way to introduce palindromes to children and to get them to go on a palindrome hunt or to create some of their own.


  1. What ages do you think would enjoy these books, Bailey? They look like fun!

  2. I think they'd be fun for elementary aged kids. The younger kids may not "get" all the ideas in the series, but it is an introduction. When they see the concepts later they may remember the introduction. The older kids may resist the idea of a picture book, but they do respond to the silly pictures and an easier way of understanding some of the more complicated ideas presented in a visual format that you don't find in most English textbooks.